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NAAMES Program Participants

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Participants Role Affiliation
Project Management
Behrenfeld, Mike Principal Investigator Oregon State University
Kleb, Mary Project Manager NASA LaRC
Hostetler, Chris Project Scientist NASA LaRC
Proctor, Chris Project Data Manager NASA GSFC
Chen, Gao Airborne Data Manager and Flight Planner NASA LaRC
Shook, Michael Deputy Airborne Data Manager, Meteorologist NASA LaRC-SSAI
Ferrare, Rich Project Meteorologist NASA LaRC
Scarino, Amy Jo Project Meteorologist NASA LaRC-SSAI
Crawford, Jim Project Chief Engineer NASA LaRC
Ziemba, Luke Logistics and C-130 Platform Manager NASA LaRC
Project Science
Craig, Susanne Bio-optical & satellite charcaterization of phytoplankton
community composition
Doney, Scott BEC-CESM Modeling WHOI
Franz, Bryan Airborne/Satellite Ocean Color Analyses NASA GSFC
Gibson, Mark Sable Island Aerosol and Trace Gas Measurements Dalhousie University
Hu, Chuanmin GCAS Analysis University of South Florida
Hu, Yongxiang Ocean and Cloud Satellite Analyses NASA LaRC
Lindo-Atichati, David Satellite-tracked Drifters; BEC-CESM and Lagrangian Analyses CUNY/CSI
Liu, Hongyu GEOS-Chem Aerosol Modeling and GEOS-5 Aerosol Forecasting NIA / NASA LaRC
Milligan, Allen Ocean Ecosystem Primary Production Oregon State University
Westberry, Toby Satellite Remote Sensing and Ship In Situ Optics Analyses Oregon State University
Shipborne Science & Instruments
Behrenfeld, Mike Chief Scientist; Phytoplankton Abundance / Growth Rates Oregon State University
Bates, Tim Sea Sweep; Measurements of Sea Spray Production University of Washington / JISAO
Bidle, Kay Marine viruses and phytoplankton viral losses Rutgers
Boss, Emmanuel Ocean optics, Autonomous Profiling Floats University of Maine
Brooks, Sarah Aerosol and Cloud Condensation Nuclei Measurements Texas A&M University
Carlson, Craig Dissolved Organic Carbon Inventories UC Santa Barbara
Gaube, Peter Mesoscale Eddies APL-UW
Giovannoni, Stephen VOC Cycling, Community Composition Measurements Oregon State University
Halsey, Kimberly Volatile aerosol precursor ecosystem processing Oregon State University
Harvey, Liz Plankton Grazing University of Georgia
Karp-Boss, Lee Phytoplankton imaging and diversity University of Maine
Maritorena, Stephane Satellite Ocean Color Analyses Algorithm Development UC Santa Barbara
Mayol Bracero, Olga Bioaerosol Measurements University of Puerto Rico
Menden-Deuer, Susanne Microzooplankton Grazing University of Rhode Island
Nelson, Norman CDOM and Bio-Optics Measurements UC Santa Barbara
Quinn, Trish Sea Sweep; Measurements of Sea Spray Production NOAA/PMEL
Russell, Lynn In Situ Aerosol Measurements UC San Diego / SIO
Saltzman, Eric In Situ Trace Gase and Aerosol Measurements UC Irvine
Siegel, David Marine bio-optics, Satellite Remote Sensing UC Santa Barbara
Van Mooy, Ben Marine viruses and phytoplankton viral losses WHOI
Airborne Science & Instruments
Aknan, Ali Airborne Data Archive Management NASA LaRC - SSAI
Anderson, Bruce LARGE; In Situ Aerosol and Trace Gas Measurements NASA LaRC
Cairns, Brian RSP; Ocean-Aerosol-Cloud Passive Remote Sensing NASA GISS
Chowdhary, Jacek RSP; Aerosol Analyses / Science NASA GISS
Ferrare, Richard HSRL-1; Aerosol Retrievals / Science NASA LaRC
Hair, John HSRL-1; Ocean-Aerosol-Cloud Active Remote Sensing NASA LaRC
Janz, Scott GCAS; Ocean Color Remote Sensing NASA GSFC
Moore, Richard LARGE; Cloud Microphysics and Aerosol-Cloud Interactions Analyses NASA LaRC
Redemann, Jens 4STAR; Aerosol Optical Depth Measurements and
Cloud Passive Remote Sensing
Wisthaler, Armin PTR-MS; Organic Trace Gases University of Innsbruck/University of Oslo
Flight Operations
Barrick, John C-130 Integration Support NASA LaRC
Callaghan, Jeff Project Pilot Wyle
Chandler, Jeff Project Pilot Wyle
Domingue, Ron Project Pilot Wyle
Lawson, Jim Project Pilot Wyle
Cropper, Mike Operations Engineer NASA WFF
Davis, Wade Aircraft Operations and Management Contract (AMOC)
Project Manager
NASA WFF / Pinnacle Solutions
Dore, Monica Aircraft Airworthiness and Installation Engineer NASA WFF
Easemunt, Cate C-130 Project Support Manager NASA WFF
Griffin, Kelly Aircraft Project Manager NASA WFF
Hansen, Christy C-130 Project and Mission Support NASA GSFC
Kirby, Sean C-130 Data System Manager NASA-WFF Pinnacle
Long, John Project Pilot Wyle
Nowicki, Martin C-130 Integration/Operations Engineer NASA WFF
Stepnoski, Jim Aircraft Operations and Management Contract (AMOC
Program Manager
NASA WFF / Pinnacle Solutions
Stiles, David Aircraft Operations and Management Contract (AMOC)
Maintenance Manager
NASA WFF / Pinnacle Solutions
Van Gilst, David C-130 Data System Manager NSRC
Warren, Dave Airspace Reservation Coordinator Nav Canada
Widmyer, Tom C-130 Integration/Operations Engineer NASA WFF
Yang, Melissa NSRC Program Director NSRC
Finch, Pat NSRC C-130 Data System Manager NSRC
Rainer, Sebastian NSRC Software Engineer NSRC
Schill, Steven NSRC C-130 Data System Manager NSRC
Stith, Eric NSRC C-130 Data System Manager NSRC
Ship Operations
Benway, Eric Marine Operations Coordinator, Deployment 1 WHOI
Bergeron, Derek R/V Atlantis Captain WHOI/UNOLS
Lunt, Al R/V Atlantis Captain WHOI/UNOLS
Smith, Chad Marine Operations Coordinator, Deployment 2-4 WHOI
Education and Public Outreach
Chambers, Lin MyNASAData and Educational Outreach Coordinator NASA LaRC
Lineberry, Denise SD Communications Team Lead / Senior Technical Writer NASA LaRC - SSAI
Madigan, Jay NAAMES Website Curator / Senior Website Design Engineer NASA LaRC - SSAI
Marvel, Tim NAAMES 3D Lead Animator / Senior Graphic Designer NASA LaRC - SSAI
Schaller, Emily Airborne Science Public Outreach Coordinator NSRC
Taylor, Jessica GLOBE and Educational Outreach Coordinator NASA LaRC
Estaphan, Nicole Ship-Embedded Journalist  
Herrington, Lee Cameraman  
Banziger, Gary Cameraman  
Collaborating Institutions
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